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Only produce eco-friendly glue, Shinely Glue listed company in the annual output of 20000 tons


Founded in 1995 in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, Shinely Glue has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of water-based environmental protection adhesive and solutions for decades. Since then, Shinely Glue has been adhering to the mission of "making customer products more environmentally friendly", taking customer demand as the direction of research and development, continue to innovation and development, try our best to bring customers the highest quality water-based adhesive products. After more than 20 years of exploration and development, Shinely Glue has developed an independent research and development system and a supporting production system, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of adhesives and a stable cooperative relationship with famous brands.

In terms of product performance testing, Shinely Glue is strictly in accordance with domestic and foreign standards, so the data is more reliable and the products are more assured. Our company was listed on the new three board in 2016 (code: 838501), becoming one of the few listed enterprises in the adhesive industry.

Shinely Glue is a comprehensive enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, which is based on printing and packaging, building decoration, daily household and other industries. For more than 20 years has been focused on the development and application of water-based environmental adhesive solutions, we can be customized for customers with adhesive solutions, to solve the problem of glue.

At present, hot-selling products are high-speed folder box glue, aluminum film glue, flexible packaging glue, water pressure sensitive glue, book binding glue, white glue, laminating glue, gift box glue and other products, widely used in hardcover books, cigarette boxes, daily chemical products, electronic products, wine boxes, color boxes, furniture production.

High-speed folder box glue

Green environmental protection, does not contain benzene series, formaldehyde, heavy metals, halogens and other harmful substances. Its machine speed up to 300m/min, packaging products under the machine broken paper rate of more than 95%. It is suitable for roller coating, dish coating, spraying system, silk screen and processes. And UV varnish surface, PET film, BOPP film, cardboard bonding paper have superior bonding strength. The product is tested for 24h by hanging 1.2kg weight at low temperature -30℃, high temperature and high humidity (60℃, 85%RH) without glue failure or shedding. Widely used in daily chemical products, electronic products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other packaging color box sealing and window patching production.

Aluminum film glue

Products after strict testing, in line with FDA, ROHS and other regulations and standards, high efficiency and strong adhesion, peel force is more than 7N/25mm, and has an excellent processing process, can be convex, embossing. Wide adaptability, can be bonded with OPP, PET aluminum film, laser surface. Glue line speed is fast, can adapt to 80m/min machine speed.

Flexible packaging glue

Products after strict testing, in line with FDA, ROHS and other international regulations and standards, mainly applicable to BOPP, PE, PET and other plastic film and aluminized film composite application. It is mainly used in the general functional applications of food soft packaging, including: puffed food, biscuits, candies, condiments and fast food packaging without heating. It can also be used in lightweight packaging such as medicine. High production efficiency, packaging products after completion of composite can be immediately cut after processing.

Book binding glue

Products through strict testing, in line with FDA, ROHS, child exposure and other regulatory standards. High efficiency and strong adhesion, good initial adhesion, strong stability, low moisture content of the paperboard after mounting, short shaping time, can be completed within 10h, specially used for bonding between card and paperboard, paperboard and paperboard.

White glue

Green environmental protection, products after strict testing, in line with the FDA, ROHS and other international regulations and standards, widely used in printing and packaging, building decoration, wood processing and other fields, can also be used for non-woven fabrics such as fiber cloth, paper, wood, leather, decoration industry insulation board and other materials bonding.

Laminating glue

Products after strict testing, in line with FDA, ROHS and other international regulations and standards, After the laminating, peel strength does not change with time and reduce, with high gloss, with excellent post-process processing.

With the continuous development of social progress and science and technology, the quality of water-based adhesive has been improved and the variety has increased. In 2013, water-based adhesives dominated the international market, accounting for 46% of the total sales. China's water adhesive sales grow to 3.06 million tons.

Water - based adhesive is the inevitable trend of adhesive development. Our high-speed folder box glue NL-609 was tested for VOC content according to GB 18583, and the result showed 0g/L. Shinely Glue`s laboratory is equipped with complete testing equipment. From raw materials to finished products, we conduct multiple tests to ensure product safety and environmental protection. Each product has a complete test report, so that customers can rest assured to use.

Shinely Glue adheres to the mission of "making customers' products more environmentally friendly", and strives to become the first brand supplier in the field of water-based environmental adhesive with innovative business model and quality assurance. Shinely Glue will continue to work hard, more and more powerful!

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